So…you wanna learn how to surf? If you’re looking for surf basics, you’ve come to the right place. This section of The Surfing Site is dedicated to answering all your surf-related questions. Then, when you’re ready to get in the water, check out our worldwide directory of surf schools.

Surfing now comes in many shapes and forms, and so do surfers! Beginner surfers range from small children who can barely walk to 300-lb adults who find grace and style on the waves. In addition, surfers are accessing their wave-riding abilities on a very diverse array of equipment. Whatever your specific interests or skill level, the Surfing Site is here to help you find the ocean experience you’re looking for.

In our opinion: More Surfing Worldwide = Happier People Everywhere.


Before you hit the water, read on to find out what you need to know to ride your first wave or buy your first surfboard. If you’re slightly more advanced, it’s time to learn how to read weather reports to determine optimal surfing conditions in your location. Or, if you’re planning your next surfing adventure, find out what gear you need to buy before you go.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Surf: We’ll tell you how to paddle out, where to wait, how to pick the right wave, and how to stand up and ride your first wave.
  • Reading a Surf Report: Learn how local weather conditions affect the surf.
  • How to Choose Your First Surfboard: Become familiar with the different types of surfboards and their uses. Learn the differences among these board shapes: longboard, fish, fun shape, shortboard, big wave gun, tow board, and stand-up paddle board.
  • Essential Surf Gear: Get all the stuff you need to start surfing.
  • How to Body Surf: It’s more than just swimming and sinking! Learn how to glide on a wave without a board.
  • Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide: Choose the right wetsuit for your body type and weather conditions.
  • Surf Etiquette: Make sure you know the surfer’s rules for safety and courtesy.
  • How to Transport Your Surf Equipment: Get tips on securing your surfboard to your car or truck.