The cliffs of the Great Australia Bight finally give way at Eucla. There is a beach/reef setup just after the border and after crossing the Nullarbor. Esperance on the southern coast of Western Australia has some great waves. West from Esperance the coast gets greener, but access to the surf is still limited to isolated small towns, each with its own breaks. Albany is located near the southwest corner of Western Australia and is open to everything the Southern Ocean can throw at it; some of the largest waves to ever hit the Australian continent probably do so in this area. From Albany, the coast turns to the north and the famous Margaret River area; a small day here is 5 feet. From Margaret River toward Perth, the swell is somewhat blocked by offshore reefs and Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island itself is a popular spot with the Perth locals and is often 2-3 feet larger then Perth’s beaches. Perth is largely small mushy beach breaks. North from Perth, the coast again becomes rather wild and unsettled. Waves are to befound anywhere you can get to the coast. Geraldton and Kalbarri are two areas that have excellent waves and weather.

The coast from Kalbarri to North West Cape has waves that were made famous in surf movies. The same swells that hit Bali also strike this coast. It is a wild, harsh coast; four-wheel drive is a must. Local knowledge is also a must.

From North West Cape northwards, surf potential disappears as the coast swings northeast, away from swell-generating systems and toward offshore barrier reefs.


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