When people think of surfing, they often imagine the beautiful
Polynesian shores of Hawaii or the always-cool style masters of
Southern California. Truth be told, United States surf culture is as diverse
as the coastlines themselves. The United States is home to some of the
greatest, most influential surfers ever, including: the early Hawaiian Polynesians
that were the first to glide across the face of a wave; the surf media explosion that happened in Southern California and sparked a worldwide movement; Kelly Slater, the Florida phenomenon and 9-time world surfing champion who has changed the realm of what is possible on a wave.

There is good reason the US is so steeped in surf history. The wave-rich coastlines have something for everyone. Please read through our surf guides to retrace the steps of legends or carve out a stretch of lonely coast all to yourself.

Hawaii Surf Spots – Oahu, Maui, Kauai & the Big Island
California Surf Spots – North, Central & Southern CA
Florida Surf Spots – North, Central & Southern FL
North Carolina Surf Spots

All other US Locations – New England (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine) New York and New Jersey surf spots