Surfing in Spain was first introduced around 1960 when some traveling French surfers went on safari looking for new waves in the Basque Region. Since then, surfing has caught fire with the Spanish people, producing some of Europe’s best surfing talent.

Today, Spain holds some of the world’s greatest waves, and the Billabong Pro Mundaka is a major stop on the ASP World Tour circuit. Outside of Mundaka’s legendary lefts, few surfers know about the other world-class surf spots in Spain. With an adventurous spirit and a little planning, surfing Spain can be an amazing experience, both in and out of the water.

As with the rest of Europe, the surf season in Spain runs from Autumn through Spring. September to April sees incredibly consistent surf, and heavy tubing waves. The best waves are found on the North Atlantic coast. Howver, the Southern Atlantic coast is consistently warm and offers excellent uncrowded surfing conditions in the winter months.
Basque Coast Surfing in Spain

Spain surf on the North Atlantic coast (also known as the Basque Coast) offers some incredible waves.


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Western and Northwestern spain


Far less publicized than the Basque region, Western and Northwestern Spain holds endless wave-riding potential without the huge crowds. This region of Spain has fewer towns and a much smaller population, which leaves the area with many uncharted surf spots.

Many of these beaches are visited only during summer months, which is not the region’s best time for incoming swells. During fall and winter large swells consistently hit the western and northwestern coast of Spain. We have listed only a few of the better-known surf spots in this region. Happy hunting!