South Florida is home to the most publicized stretch of coast in Florida. However, it’s not known for its consistent swells, but rather for its beautiful beaches, exotic locals, warm weather, and an impressive party scene. But when the waves are pumping, South Florida surf can get as good as anywhere else.
May through August in South Florida will drive a surfer crazy with flatness: weeks will pass without a single rideable ripple from the Atlantic Ocean. If you can make it through the summer months, and the late August/early fall hurricanes, wintertime low-pressure systems send fairly consistent groundswell into South Florida beaches. Consistent spots such as Stuart Rocks, Reef Road in Palm Beach, and the Juno Pier turn these northeast swells into long, clean lines and rippable walls. With a big east or northeast swell, advanced surfers will find huge waves at such legendary spots as Pump House and the Jupiter Beach Inlet.
Surfing in South Florida can very aggressive, especially at the top spots. Respect everyone in the water and you should be fine. PS: The Lake Worth Pier is extremely localized, and is not a good option for beginners.
What South Florida lacks in wave consistency, it makes up for in quality. Water temps stay in the 80’s from May to November, and barely drop below 70 from November through March. The water’s crystal clear and teeming with life, so pack a fishing rod, spear gun or snorkel gear for when the surf is flat.
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South Florida Surf Breaks