Blessed with one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, South Africa is much more than just a surf destination, it’s a totally unique experience. Few countries have the diversity that South Africa boasts. Its subtropical climate helps to maintain a diverse ecosystem of exotic plants and animals.
As if its stunning landscapes, exotic wildlife, and diverse culture weren’t enough, South Africa’s 1,739 miles (2798 km) of coastline – stretching from the Namimba border on the West Coast to the Mozambique border to the east – produces one of the greatest surfing regions in the world. South Africa is home to some of the world’s most legendary waves.
Located on the Southern tip of the African Continent, the South African coastline is split between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It picks up swell from the west, south and east, keeping it ridable.
South Africa should be on every surfer’s list of places to visit. Although South Africa is a farily modern and peaceful country, we strongly advise hiring a local surf guide if you are thinking about visiting for the first time. South Africa is a breeding ground for sharks, specifically Great Whites, due to the large seal population that lives fairly close to shore.
When surfing in South Africa, adventure is part of the fun.


  • Jeffrey’s Bay is the crown jewel of South African surfing. Totally epic and filled with legendary stories, J-Bay is arguably the world’s most perfect right-hand wave.

  • Lonely stretches of coast, without a footprint in the sand, are still common between the major coastal cities of Cape Town and Durban.

Basically, South Africa has it all: long perfect point breaks, peaky beach breaks, tubing reefs, and eventhe best big wave spots in the world. Year-round cool and cold water keeps surfers in wetsuits year-round.
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