Puerto Rico surfing first started in the 1950’s. Since then, it has grown in local popularity, and even gained international recognition after hosting the 1968 World Surfing Championships. Today, Puerto Rico remains a top Caribbean surf trip destination.

To most surfers’ amazement, Puerto Rico gets good-quality surf on all coasts during all seasons, even summer. However, the sole focal point of Puerto Rico surfing remains on the north and northwest coasts during winter swells. Aguadilla and Rincon are the two main surfing destinations on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast. Aguadilla sits at the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico and picks up the majority of north and northwest swell activity. Sitting on the western coast, Rincon surf spots are a little more tucked in and not as exposed as Aguadilla. It takes a bigger swell with a more westerly angle for Rincon to break; but when it does, it produces some of the biggest, best waves in the Caribbean.

The surf season in Puerto Rico stretches from late summer to early spring. Puerto Rico receives the majority of its swells during hurricane season as large storms move off the west coast of Africa, and during winter months as cold fronts and low-pressure systems move off the eastern seaboard of the United States, sending in long-period groundswell to the north- and northwest-facing beaches.

Paradise always has a price. In Puerto Rico, it’s the crowds. Maddening at times. During winter months, Puerto Rico surf spots are packed with locals and travelers alike, riding every form of watercraft you can think of: surfboards, boogie boards, body surfing, stand-pp paddle boards…i’ts just like Hawaii minus the Asian influence in the culture.

Perhaps the coolest thing about a Puerto Rico surf trip is its accessibility for US residents: no passport requirements, no currency exchange, and it’s just a short flight from the international airports along the eastern seaboard. Add in the crystal clear water, consistent year-round surf, and a relatively safe vacationing environment for families, and you can see why Puerto Rico is such a popular surf destination.


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Below is a list of SOME of the top surf spots in Puerto Rico, broken down by region. We did not catalog every surf break, just the main surf spots in each region.


North Coast Puerto Rico Surf Breaks



Northwest Coast Puerto Rico Surf Breaks



Southeast Coast Puerto Rico Surf Spots