Oahu, Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing, and today it remains the sport’s spiritual home. Read through our Oahu Surf Spot guide to learn about this unique surfing mecca.

Oahu’s four coasts each contain their own unique surf culture. Known as the “7-mile Miracle”, The North Shore is home to legendary surf spots such as Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea Bay. It contains world-class waves for more experienced surfers from V-Land to Haleiwa. The South Shore is the birthplace of surfing. The Waikiki surf spots consistently teach more first-time surfers to ride their first wave then almost anywhere else. The West and East Shores each have their share of perfect breaks, while maintaining a very mellow, Hawaiian feel.

No other island on Earth offers such a variety of waves for all ability levels. On Oahu, you can’t help but soak in the incredible Polynesian vibe, because their lives revolve around the ocean. Surfing, bodysurfing, sailing, stand-up paddle surfing, outrigger canoe – they do it all in Hawaii.

Oahu has consistent surf year-round; where you go on the island just depends on your skill level and what time of year you visit. Here is a breakdown of the surf seasons on Oahu:


North Shore

South Shore

Best Surfing


Smaller swells – good for beginners

Very consistent swells

South Shore


North swells begin to fill in.

South swells begin to taper off.

All shores are consistent.


Consistent North Swells

Smaller swells – good for beginners

North and West Shores


Fairly consistent North swells continue into early spring, then begin to taper off.

South Shores starts to see bigger, more consistent swells.

All shores are consistent.


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North Shore Oahu Surf Spots

There are numerous fantastic surf spots on the famous North Shore of Oahu.
Here is a sampling of the better-known spots, listed from west to east.


South Shore Oahu and Waikiki Surf Spots

While the North Shore is known for its crashing winter waves and professional contents, the South Shore and West Coast can also provide a variety of great waves year-round. Many travelers take their first lesson from one of the many surf schools in Waikiki. Here are some South Shore surf spots, listed from west to east.


East Shore Oahu Surf Spots

The East Coast of Oahu is way less explored by surfers than the other sides. It may be because of the increased population of tiger sharks or the seasonal man-o-war jellyfishes that frequent the area. But there are still a lot of surfers in the water, and there are some really good surf spots. Here are just a few of them.