Morocco is known for its abundance of world-class right-hand point breaks. Super consistent from fall through spring, Morocco surf spots fire from heavy northern Atlantic swell energy.
Morocco surf spots remain uncrowded despite their world-class reputation. Traveling European surfers on holiday can be found camping out at the more famous spots and coastal towns along the coast. But beware: the Moroccan coastline is sparsely populated by only a handful of beach towns. This area of the world backs right up to the vast Sahara Desert. If you are venturing out on your own, a fully stocked Land Rover is a necessity. There are no surf shops, and some towns do not offer any hotels or hostels. So, you will need to come fully stocked with all provisions.The climate in Morocco is very hot and dry; most of the country is desert except for the narrow coastal region. The water, however, is cold most of the year. Wetsuits are worn from late fall through the spring months.
Generally speaking, Morocco is a safe surf trip destination. However, as with all foreign countries, mind your manners. Remember that they have very different customs and traditions, and they appreciate your respect. With that being said, happy hunting! Morocco is an unforgettable cultural and surfing destination.
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Morocco Surf Breaks

Below is a list of the top surf spots in Morocco. There are many more waiting to be discovered.