El Salvador is basically a series of world-class rights that break for several hundred yards. And if you’re a little bit adventurous, you can enjoy a good number of breaks with only a handful of surfers in the lineup.

El Salvador has great waves and warm water, but it’s not exactly a top choice for family getaways. As in neighboring Guatemala and Honduras, the government and police are ineffective and poorly supported. A civil war raged in the country from the 1980’s until the early 90’s, leaving the country in a state of poverty. Crime remains a problem as the country strives to develop. So when in El Salvador, be careful. But don’t let a few risks scare you away from this great surf destination. Like anywhere else, a bit of street smarts goes a long way here and the majority of travelers have problem-free trips.

The best time to go is during the wet season between March and October. During the wet season, rainy days are actually partly sunny before or after a downpour. During the dry season, November through March, you can also surf smaller waves in the 3- to 6-foot range. Year-round the water temperature is between 80 and 85 degrees; air is in the 80’s and low 90’s.

There are two separate surf areas on El Salvador’s Pacific coast. The La Libertad is the most popular area and features numerous quality breaks. Punta Roca and Suznal in La Libertad are two of the best breaks in the country. But Punta Roca has a somewhat of a bad reputation, so talk to other travelers to stay out of trouble.

The second area, the “Wild East,” also has some world-class breaks. The area is growing in popularity. And as the quality of accommodations improves, the crowds grow. However, if you make the appropriate preparations, you can find yourself with just a few people on world-class breaks.


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El Salvador Surf Breaks