Costa Rica, the “rich coast,” has an abundance of great breaks and stunning natural beauty, making it a top destination for surfers worldwide. Compared to some of her neighboring countries, Costa Rica is relatively safe and provides all the necessities for a great surf trip.

The popularity of the country brings crowds to the popular spots during peak seasons. But surf spots can be found up and down both sides of Costa Rica. And poor roads keep some breaks free of the masses. Costa Rica has shoreline both on the Caribbean (east side) and on the Pacific (west side).

  • Caribbean Coast. The east coast has a shorter, less reliable surfing season, but tropical storms can create killer swells. On the Caribbean, the surf is best during the hot and dry season from October until April.

  • North Pacific Coast. The waves on the west coast don’t hit the same heights seen during the storms on the Caribbean, but the waves are consistently good year-round. The rainy season provides the best swells on the Pacific side from March to mid- December. The dry season on the west coast, from late November until early March, isn’t too bad either. But again, the waves are good year round on the Pacific.

Water temperatures don’t change a whole lot on either side, hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. A rash guard and liberal amounts of sunscreen are a good call against the tropical sun.

Ollie’s Point and Playa Naranjo (Witches Rock) are a must-surf for anyone looking to catch great waves in a gorgeous and remote setting. Thankfully, Costa Rica is full of lightly traveled surf destinations awaiting your arrival. Get out there and explore!


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