Once the secret spot for many California surfers looking to escape the crowds, Central America has exploded as a major surf destination. Reasonably cheap airfares and hotels, as well as great food and consistent surf help to keep Central America a major surf destination for many traveling US surfers.

Central America’s Pacific Coast is one of the most consistent surf regions in the world. Its exposure to northwest swells during November thru March, and southwest swells from March thru November, keep Central America in year-round surf.

Read through our Central America surf guides to find the best fit for your next surf trip.


Mexico Surf Spots


Mexico is home to a variety of waves – points, reefs, and beach breaks – for both beginners and advanced surfers. Be cautious when traveling through certain areas of Mexico: this is a big drug-smuggling country.


El Salvador Surf Spots

El Salvador offers some of the best right-hand point breaks in Central America. You will need a surf guide to make the most of your first trip.


Nicaragua Surf Spots

Blessed with offshore winds 300 days a year, Nicaragua has a variety of reef breaks, many of which are only accessible by boat.


Costa Rica Surf Spots

Considered the safest country in Central America, Costa Rica has a variety of waves on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts for all ability levels. Most notable are Pavones in the south, and Ollies Point & Witches Rock in the north. Costa Rica is also one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world.


Panama Surf Spots

Panama’s Caribbean coast is home to some world-class surf spots, most of which are located in the Bocas del Toro surf region. Santa Catalina is regarded as one of, if not the best, surf spot in Central America.