Always a favorite travel destination for the snowbird surfers from the Northeastern US states, the Caribbean has been gaining international notoriety as a major surf destination the past 5 years.

The Caribbean is definitely one of the easiest surf trips you can make. A short flight from the East Coast gets you away from the snow, and into the warm trade winds of the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican or Barbados.

The awesome thing about the Caribbean is that it truly has something for everyone; it’s a great place for beginners, experts and couples looking for a romantic getaway. Each island offers gentle beach breaks for beginners, and tubing reef breaks for the more experienced surfer.

Read through our Caribbean Surf Spot guides to find the best Island for you:


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For the More Adventerous…

The Caribbean is a great place for the adventurous surf spirit… many spots are only accessible by boat. There are thousands of reef passes located between each island that can get totally epic with the right swell. So, with some local navigational knowledge, and a little luck from the surf gods, you can totally score epic, South Pacific-style surf throughout the Caribbean.