Plain and simple: Barbados surf spots deliver! Perfect waves peel along each coast of this beautiful little island that sits at the bottom of the Caribbean Island Chain, with the open Atlantic Ocean on the east coast and the Caribbean Sea on the west coast.

Though seldom thought of as a major surf destination, Barbados can serve up surf spots with a healthy dose of power, tubes and stoke. This is thanks to to its prime location in the southern Caribbean. Most surfers head for Bathsheba, a quaint beach town along the east coast that caters to surfers. Bathsheba is home to Soup Bowl, the crown jewel of Barbados surfing.

Unlike other Caribbean Islands, Barbados has surf 360 days a year, peaking November through June. Barbados’s east coast faces the open Atlantic Ocean and sits in an unobstructed position to pick up groomed groundswells from northern, eastern and southern storms, as well as a good amount of trade wind swell. This swell consistency keeps Barbados busy with traveling surfers from the East Coast of the United States.

Barbados was originally an English colony, but has been independent since 1966. It might be far from England, but her influence can be felt in the island’s stable government, economy and first-rate accommodations. However, unlike England, Barbados boasts a classic Caribbean climate: 350 days of sunshine per year, and year-round 80-degree water and air temperatures. Be forewarned – the spiced rum punch is deceptively strong with enough sweet stuff from local sugar cane to mask almost any amount of rum.


Barbados truly is a surfers paradise. Find a surf school in Barbados.



Barbados Surf Breaks

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