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North Shore Surf Schools

Learn to surf on the same coast as Banzai Pipeline. As it turns out, the most famous stretch of coastline in the surfing world also offers some of the best Oahu surf lessons. Find the right place to take some North Shore surf lessons on your next trip.

Waikiki Surf Schools, and the South Shore

Waikiki could be the best place in the world to learn to surf. The waves are easy to ride and the weather is perfect. Waikiki surf lessons will get you on your feet your first time out. But Waikiki isn’t the only place to learn to surf on the South Shore. There are other Oahu surf schools located in Honolulu and other areas that are great for first timers to get some help. Surf lessons in Hawaii will keep you coming back to the islands for more, so here are some surf schools on the South Shore to take a look at.