Located on the tip of the Baja California Mexico peninsula, Los Cabos is equipped with beautiful beaches and plenty of restaurants and activities for any style of vacation. When considering a visit there make sure not to overlook the fact that Los Cabos contains miles of coastline with numerous un-crowded surf spots for surfers of all skill levels. Not only is Los Cabos a perfect location for an exciting getaway, it is also the perfect destination for your next surf trip.


The best way to get to Los Cabos, Baja California Mexico is by flying into the San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD). The airport is located just outside the city and since there are so many surf spots scattered along the coast, your best bet it to either pick up a map at the car rental booth when you land or to grab a more detailed one before your trip. The drive into the city is relatively easy and from there your directions will depend on where you want to go between the three main surf cities: San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos.


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When you fly into San Jose del Cabo International Airport there are a number of car rental booths inside the terminal. Your best option is probably to get a car from one of them, but I recommend making reservations in advance to insure that you have a car and to get the best price available. There are also other smaller agencies just outside the airport where you may be able to find a better deal. If you are considering not getting a car you definitely need to reconsider. I definitely recommend renting a car due to the location of each surf spot and adventure of exploring the beaches of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Although there are some spots accessible by bus and/or taxi there are so many more that you will miss out on so it’s definitely worth getting a car. Keep in mind that the main road to surf spots on the Sea of Cortez is unpaved and quite bumpy, I’m not saying it can’t be done in a car, (I’ve done it in a minivan) but it would be a lot more comfortable and convenient in a four-wheel drive vehicle and make sure you have insurance.


Punta Gorda, Shipwrecks, Nine Palms

Nine Palms, Punta Gorda, and Shipwrecks are some of the prettiest and most un-crowded beaches in all of Los Cabos. They are all located on the Sea of Cortez; which has crystal clear warm water, and endless white sand beaches. It’s pretty neat to be in the middle of the desert and surf tropical looking water. The spot is pretty much in the middle of nowhere so make sure to pack a lunch and plenty of water. You literally drive on a dirt road (which is located near the El Presidente Hotel) and pass through desert for about an hour or so and there is honestly nothing there but hot sand, a couple nice vacation homes and local squatters living in old broke down cars. It’s really an unreal experience. You can camp there if you want, but again make sure to bring water, food and any other necessities. A lot of the scattered homes on that side of the peninsula do rent out to vacationers and are really a great way to go if you plan on spending most of your time over there surfing. The three breaks are pretty similar as well as the several others that are located on the Sea of Cortez. They are all point breaks that are mainly rights but there are occasional lefts you can grab if you really want to. It’s mainly a reef break so beware, however the beaches are sandy and the reef ends before shore giving you a pretty mellow entrance and exit to the ocean. Waves are best in the summer time, which also means more crowds. Breaks cleanest with off shore winds and any form of a South swell.

Zippers, Middles, La Roca

In the actual city of San Jose del Cabo there are a couple of really nice breaks including Zippers, Middles and La Roca. Access is definitely a lot easier than those on the far end of the Sea of Cortez mainly because they are all located off the main paved road. There are more crowds mostly due to the location and how close it is to the city. There are also a good number of local surfers and tourists since there are a decent amount of hotels nearby. These spots are also rocky reef breaks and some of the best rights around.


Nestled down below the La Mission del Cabo Hotel off the main highway just outside of Cabo San Lucas, Monuments is one of the only solid lefts in all of Los Cabos. To get there you just hop off the highway when you see the hotel and go through the private gate. Let the guard know that you’re going to surf and he should let you right in. The beach is sandy and the break is rocky. It’s a pretty consistent point break that fires best with a West, Southwest, and/or a South swell. If you are goofy footer and are itching for a nice left or if you just want to show Mexico your backhand make sure to hit up Monuments.

Todos Santos

Los Cabos is neat because it encompasses two completely different oceans, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. There is a popular tourist attraction on the very point of the peninsula known as Lovers Beach where you can literally see the two oceans meet. It’s pretty spectacular, but what’s even more amazing is that you can surf two different oceans in the same day because the Pacific side is packed with some amazing surf breaks. Although not technically parts of Los Cabos, Todos Santos is just a couple hour northern detour up the Pacific Coast. Although there are several surfing spots there the most popular are probably Los Cerritos and San Pedrito. Both of these are just south of the city of Todos Santos near a small fishing village called Pescadero. Both spots are similar to Los Cabos with rocky reef breaks. Each break provides both rights and lefts and also some chilly water, even during spring and summer months, so a wetsuit is recommended.

Here’s a video of some surfers catching waves on Todos Santos Island:

Other Surf Spots

The spots mentioned above are just a few found in each region of the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. There are plenty more all around these main spots so don’t be afraid to explore a little and surf where it looks good.



Here is a list of shops that will help you find surfboards to rent. Some of them only have rentals available some of the time, but if they don’t have anything currently available they will be able to point you in the direction of a shop that does.

Los Cabos

  • Costa Azul Surf Shop, 011 52 (624) 142-2771, Transpeninsular Km. 28 Plaza Costa Azul #8 San Jose del Cabo
  • Doyle Surf Shop, 011 52 (624) 172-6188, Playa Acapulquito, Transpeninsular Km. 28 San Jose del Cabo

Todos Santos


Best Hotels in Los Cabos:

San Jose del Cabo:

Cabo San Lucas




If you love Mexican food you have traveled to the right place. Los Cabos is loaded with awesome Mexican food, seafood and other great styles of restaurants at just about every corner. Here are some favorite places to eat in Los Cabos.

Local Favorites:

Cabo San Lucas

  • Cafe Canela: Marina boardwalk, below Tesoro Resort, (624) 143-3435
  • Edith’s Restaurant: Camino a Playa Medano, (624) 143-0801
  • Felix’s: Hidalgo and Zapata, (624) 143-4290
  • Mama’s Royale Cafe: Hidalgo at Zapata, (624) 143-4290
  • Mariscos Mocambo: Av. Leona Vicario and 20 de Noviembre, (624) 143-6070
  • Mi Casa: Calle Cabo San Lucas (at Madero), (624) 143-1933
  • Nick-San: Blvd. Marina, Plaza de la Danza, Local 2, (624) 143-7342
  • Peacocks: Paseo del Pescador, near Hotel Melia, (624) 143-1858

San Jose del Cabo

  • Meson Del Angel: Zaragoza 222 E/ Degollado and Guerrero, Centro Historico, San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 142-2828
  • La Bodega Steak/Wine House: Zaragoza between Guerrero and Morelos, San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 142-6619
  • Voila Bistro: 1705 Comonfort, Moreles, San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 130-7569
  • The Terrace Bar at San Jose Cafe: Corner of Zaragoza and Morelos, Historic San Jose at the Entrance to the Art District, (624) 142-6191
  • Cynthia Fresh! Restaurant and Organic Market: Peninsular Highway, San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 155-5874
  • Salsita’s: Calle Obregon, San Jose Del Cabo 23400
  • The Shrimp Factory: Marina Blvd., San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 143-5066
  • The Chef s Table: Boulevard Antonio Mijares, San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 146-9698
  • Casianos: Calle Bahia de Palmas Loc. 2,4,6, San Jose Del Cabo 23400, (624) 142-5928


Los Cabos has a number of golf courses for those surfers who don’t mind relaxing on the course between surf sessions. Check out this website if you are looking to golf on your vacation: Los Cabos Golf Guide

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Ride Adventure Tours has a very cool ATV and motorcycle ride that takes you through Los Cabos. They give you the option of doing a full day tour and also a half day tour, both are great activities. More information at: Baja Ride.

Lovers Beach is another very popular and amazing place to visit while in Los Cabos. Located just outside of the main port in Cabo San Lucas, Lovers Beach is home of some of the greatest snorkeling around. A short boat ride will take you to this incredible little beach where you will be able to see both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez all at once. For more information go to: Cabo San Lucas Beach

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