Surfers all over the world know that surfing is more than a hobby or a sport — it’s a way of life. was conceived, lovingly planned, and finally created to unite these kindred spirits from every coast and sharing their collective knowledge with budding surfers. Spreading the pure joy of surfing is our way of improving the global quality of life, one wave at a time.

Because surfing is a mysterious and awe-inspiring feat, we set out to create a website that makes surfing accessible to regular people, empowering those who only dream about it to actually go out and try it. You don’t have to be in perfect shape, or have any prior experience, to feel the thrill of gliding across the water.





First, find a place near your home or your next vacation spot where you can take a lesson. The Surfing Site offers comprehensive surf spot information covering every continent of the globe, and the islands in between. We also provide the largest surf school directory ever compiled, with a list of schools that numbers over 500 (and counting). If you’re looking to take surf lessons, there is no better place to find a school in your desired location.

Next, if you want to learn more about surfing before you set out, start with a basic surf tutorial and then move on to our wide selection of surfing articles.

Surfing is for everyone… even you. Have an awesome time!